Saturday, December 4, 2010


So we have started Christmas decorations. Well when i say we have started, we first started in May same time as our local Coles, but we have got serious now. Christmas tree done, advent calender done, Nativity done. So lovely having kids to help, maybe the word help is not appropriate. But I have always wanted a lovely nativity and it may not be willow but.... well I'll let you have a look and see what you think of the kids effort......

Before you say anything, it took about an hour of solid work with Aaron, Jake, Timothy, Arthur, Dolcie, And myself working nonstop, so no we won't make you one. but if you have 2 adults a 6 5 3 and 2 year old working solidly for 1 hour I'm sure you will be able to make something just as unhygienic and disposable!

So with Christmas on the way we've be preparing. I did all the kids shopping in the July when the great sales were so i was feeling totally at ease about Christmas approaching! I was even thinking smugly about wrapping them all and making a status update on facebook about how I'm all wrapped and ready until Jake told me today he's asking Santa for some Mighty Beans. Mighty Beans? What the hell are Mighty Beans? Dolcie wants a special limited edition Zhu Zhu which gets realeased on Thursday week, Timothy wants a sleep over at nanas, and Arthur wants to be king..... So if anyone is on the market for a set of Captain Underwear books, 2 Tech deck starter kits, a Princess tent, a Dora make and play doll, or a In the night Garden Pontipines piano go to ebay site Clark_7.

Enjoy Shopping

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